SLP 2009-2013 5.3L Silverado/Sierra/SUV supercharger pkg.

2009-2013 Silverado/Sierra/SUV 5.3L SLP Supercharger package.

SLP's all-new Roots-Type Supercharger is now available for 2009-2013 GM Trucks and SUVs. Each supercharger package features Eaton® 1900 TVS (Twin Vortices Series) four-lobe rotors with 160° twist, designed for increased power and efficiency. These new black satin finished superchargers provide 450 HP (310 HP stock) on the 5.3L engine. Supercharger assemblies include all the necessary components to complete the installation. Unique Features Of SLP's All-New Roots-Type Supercharger: Designed from a clean sheet of paper to meet or exceed all OEM design, engineering and manufacturing standards Intake manifold ports are port-matched (designed into casting) to the cylinder head ports for greater air flow Easiest supercharger installation on the market; installs in 8-10 hours Includes plug and play wire harnesses, pre-bent and pre-cut hoses New 2 BAR map sensor allows more accurate fuel delivery under boost conditions Distinctive SLP outer case design mimics the inner helix design of the rotor pack Intercooled with high flow circulating pump and larger capacity coolant reservoir Higher flow air intake tube and new bellows Press-on style pulley Includes hand-held touch-screen programmer with SLP developed and pre-loaded custom PCM calibration SLP's Truck and SUV superchargers use TVS 1900 series rotor packs, the same rotor packs used in GM's ZR1 Corvette engine Injector bosses cast into manifold at same angle as GM's manifold, providing optimum fuel delivery to the back of the valve for improved combustion and atomization of fuel 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty On All Supercharger Components


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